Inward opening window

- windows with glazed units or single glass
- tilt and turn, turn only, tilt only, tilt and slide windows
- outward and inward opening doors, single or double sash with side and top lights, outward opening windows
- sliding and swing doors
- reversible windows: horizontal and vertical


•  Characteristics

IMEPRIAL is a three chamber system used for construction of external doors and various types of windows. Profiles include 24 mm thermal break made of polyamide which significantly improves mechanical resistance of external and internal chamber. Additionally, the thermal break is equipped with Coex sealing streak which creates reliable vapour barrier and perfect sealing. Heat transfer coefficient in IMPERIAL door profiles (UR=2,2÷2,3 W/m2K) classifies them in material group 2.1 according to DIN 4108. Thanks to parameters: profile build-in depth 65mm (window frames, door frames, posts, door leafs), 74mm (window sashes) and profile thickness 1.7÷2.0mm, IMPERIAL is a rigid, stable system which allows to construct doors with maximum dimensions of the leaf: 1300mm wide (for max height 2200mm), 1200mm wide (for max height 2400mm). Allowed glazing packages from 4mm up to 51mm (possible glazing from the outside), quality hardware and wide choice of thresholds makes this system modern and versatile. The advantage of IMPERIAL windows is the possibility of appropriate sash choice in reference to window dimensions (few kinds of window frames and sashes) and sash choice in reference to the hardware – there are sashes appropriate only for typical EURO standard aluminium hardware, but also for PVC hardware.

•  Warranty

Slowinscy Company offers 5-year warranty on labor and materials used. Detailed information in general sales conditions by Slowinscy Sp.J.