Inward opening window

Doors and innerwalls segments for indoor use in public and industrial facilities (office rooms).
- ECONOLINE doors can be built into partitions made of ECONOLINE segments or into other walls with any construction, according to building’s technical project.
- The possibility of constructing sliding doors, swing doors, joining walls at any angle and strengthening of already made or installed elements.


•  Characteristics

Window and door system without thermal isolation, used for constructing innerwalls, both fixed and those with windows and doors. Frame’s built-in depth is 51mm (6mm more than widespread standard) which gives ease for the designers and comfort for the contractors. This system allows to use glazing packages starting from 3mm up to 38mm thick. The glass is installed and sealed in sash rebate with use of glazing beads, aluminium sections and gaskets. ECONOLINE system is compatible with other Aliplast systems: common glazing beads, gaskets, corners and hardware. This system offers a version of door profiles with EUROGROOVE hardware rebate used for mounting clamp rebate hinges.

•  Warranty

Slowinscy Company offers 5-year warranty on labor and materials used. Detailed information in general sales conditions by Slowinscy Sp.J.