•  Characteristics

The construction of exterior doors manufactured by Słowińscy Company, made of glued wood layers, is very solid and stable.
They are a showcase of a house and its owners. Their timeless beauty is a result of proven technologies and professional skills
of our employees.

Each door is manufactured to individual order.Customers can
choose their own model out of about 40 factory patterns or suggest
their own design. As with all manufactured goods, we offer a wide
range of ornamental glass, door handles, locks and aluminum thresholds.

Exterior doors by Słowińscy stand for great design, strong construction and very good parameters. Our doors are a long-term investment.

•  Casing construction

Single-casing, door casing and door leaf cross-section: 68 x 81 mm.

•  Door leaf construction

Leaf cross-section: 68x120 mm (Classic, Modern).

With Stadur infill panel.The leaf has one- or two-sided
nosed skirtings.

The leaf is made of a smooth panel Variotec (only meranti)
in Deco models.

If technically possible, we can provide any shape and size of the door.

•  Material

Three-layer glued scantling, homogeneous or combined in length. Wood types: pine, mahogany, meranti, oak.

•  Sound insulation

Sound reduction index for a standard unit: Rw = 31 dB.

•  Glazing

Double-glazing, single-chamber (4-18Ar-4), 26 mm unit, the heat transfer coefficient Ug = 1.0 W/m2C (BS EN-674), inter-pane cavity filled with argon.

Ornamental glass, safe, with sun protection properties - option.

Aluminum spacer - standard.

Warm edge spacer - option.

•  Window muntins

Vienna (glued wooden + internal aluminum,widths: 22, 32, 42mm), inter-pane, construction Widths: 60mm or 80mm.

•  Fittings

Winkhaus or Roto 3-point locking fittings.

Class A patent inserts - 2 pcs.

Adjustable hinges Simonswerk - BAKA 2D-20or PROTECT 3D with white, silver or olive caps.

•  Handles

Handle - white, silver or olive galvanized die cast by FKS 35A/2200.

•  Thresholds

New Wesser, Old Wesser, Dafa, Guttmann.

•  Color

Transparent paints according to Sigma Coatings colour charts.
Opaque paints according to RAL and NCS colour charts.

4 coating system, impregnation, primer, interlayer, topcoat.

•  Gaskets

Undercut, press-in, with TPE closed profile by Deventer or Primo. Gasket colors matched to the color of woodwork.

Softline - 2 rebate gasket - option.

•  Silicone

Silikon Wacker or Perennator, colors: transparent, white,
light brown, dark brown, black.

•  Accesories

Visor, retractable threshold seal, anti-burglary bolts,Geze closer, WALA handles, inserts with a scoop.

Türspion, Obentürschließer Geze, WALA Griffe, Knöpfe.

•  Warranty

Słowińscy Company offers a 5-year warranty onlabor and materials used. The five-year warrantydoes not include paint coatings (3 years for opaque paints, and 2 years for transparent paints). Detailed information in the general sales conditions by Słowińscy sp.j.